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Exciting things are happening!

Exciting things are happening in the Lile household!

My son Evan proposed a couple of weeks ago to his girlfriend of 3 years.  We are over the moon.  If I could have hand picked a daughter, it would be Anne!

I was asked by Evan to take the surprise proposal photos.  What an adventure.  The location was a small beach in Holland that she loves to go to.  He told her a little fib that he wasn’t able to come visit her that weekend, and arranged with her friend to bring her to the beach and he would be there.

We scoped out the location a few hours before, and I discovered that there wasn’t anyplace for me to really hide.  While waiting for her to arrive, I had to lay in the tall grass so she wouldn’t see me when walking over the dune to get to the beach.  Evan waited with excitement on a little hill.  He had a single, red rose and the ring box in hand.

As I peeked over the grass to see her arrive, she noticed Evan and ran up the hill to greet him with a big hug.  I managed to get some beautiful photos despite crying so hard that I couldn’t see the screen to know what I was taking!  I slipped away after the photos without her even knowing that I was there.  Such an honor to be there to see this special moment!

We welcome Anne to our family!  I can’t wait to have her as a daughter.


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