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Red Shoes

Kaylee: Bay City Western High School Senior

Kaylee: Bay City Western High School Senior

This is Kaylee.  These are her red shoes.  No big deal.

Let me tell you a secret about the importance of a pre-shoot consult with high school seniors.  Most of them won’t say much but if we listen very closely, we will come away with something that helps unlock their personality.  The red shoes.  We photographed her wearing the shoes, of course!  We also made sure to get the shoes in this great shot — Kaylee likes to dress up, but she is so very comfortable with bare feet too!  She didn’t tell us this.  But she told us about her red shoes, and when she did, her eyes lit up — kind of like they are in this photo.

We love to photograph high school seniors with their “stuff”.  Musical instruments, sports equipment, books, and shoes.  This is what you are all about.  You want your portraits to reflect who you are.  Right now.

Call us.  Get on our schedule.  Let’s plan your session.  And bring your shoes.

Kaylee chose our “All About You” high school senior session.  This includes professional hair styling and makeup in our studio.  We pamper you with goodies before we turn on the lights for the studio portion of the session.  Then we head to your choice of location to finish up the shoot.  For almost 4 hours, you are the star!  We love this All About You Session.  What high school senior girl wouldn’t want this???  We have partnered with an amazing stylist.  She creates a look that is YOU.  For prices and more details, see the session pricing on our website at www.melissalilephotography.com or call me at (989) 205-4159.

We also have several other senior high school sessions available.  We have full descriptions of these as well as our product pricing under the session pricing tab on our website, or call us if you’d like to stop by to meet us and get a brochure.  And remember, there are NO MINIMUM ORDER requirements.  Call us soon.  Summer is flying by!

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