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What is the Process?

1. Reach out

I would love to hear more about you and tell you more about me. I look forward to hearing from you.
Give me a call at (989) 205-4159, or go to my contact form to send a message.

2. meet with ME

Prior to your portrait session, I will have you visit the studio where I will give you information about clothing choices, show you the beautiful artwork and product options I have to offer, and get to know you before your session.

3. your portrait session

Please arrive at your location about 10 minutes prior to your session time so we are able to start on time. Please come dressed and ready to begin. Weather delays and cancellations can happen. Be assured that I am watching the radar

and will make a decision at least an hour before your session time if we need to reschedule. I will contact you as soon as I make that call.

4. your order AND REVEAL appointment

During this appointment, you will view a slideshow of your images. I will then walk you through choosing the images you love for the products you want. You will place your order at this appointment. Please make sure that all decision makers are available to join you for this appointment. Your order will be available for pickup approximately 3 weeks after your appointment. Some items such as albums may take a little longer due to the amount of retouching required. I will keep you updated.

What clients are asking

~ Do you have any recommendations on what to wear?

I will send you a guide that gives suggestions on clothing, accessories, and important details.


~ Tell me about my ordering appointment.

You will view a slideshow of your images, and I help you

narrow down to what you love for the products you want. Your order will be placed at this appointment,

so all decision makers need to be present.


~ How do I pay?

Personal checks or cash is preferred, but we gladly accept credit cards.


~ How long does it typically take to get my prints/products after my ordering appointment?

I try to get everything back to you within 3 weeks.

Some items may take a little bit longer, but I will keep you updated.

Being yourself is the prettiest thing you can be!

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